Friday, August 3, 2012

Same-Sex "Kiss-in" at Chick-fil-A

Read this story about Chick-fil-A; it's the same old thing you would expect from left-wing homosexual activists. The thing which we must not allow to become "true through repetition", however, is stated in this quote:

"For me why it's so important is, I don't believe anybody should have the ability to say, I'm not a good Christian, or I'm Jewish, that I'm not a good Jew because I'm gay," said Alt, who has been with her wife for 12 years and has two daughters. The couple have invited Cathy over to dinner, where they "can share a respectful dialogue [sic] about our faith, work and families here in Georgia," said Alt, who says she'll even make chicken.

Christians must, every time this false argument is made, point out that the Christian religion is not arbitrary. It's moral values and doctrines are taken from Holy Scripture; those things are not defined by individuals, but by God's Word. Christians within Christendom may argue regarding issues of practice - wine or grape juice in communion; sprinkle, pour, or dunk in baptism etc - but we all agree on the fundamental things which define what Christianity is. God's Word defines homosexuality as an abomination, and unnatural. It is a sin, just like adultery, murder, lying, and all kinds of other things we do every day because our human nature is corrupted by sin. The difference between a Christian and the person quoted above, is that the person speaking in the quote refuses to acknowledge what God has defined as a sin because it is something that applies to them. They aren't the first person to do this, and they won't be the last. I would love to redefine all of my favorite sinful things so I could go about my life in a cloud of self-defined moral comfort. I would love to ignore all the things God's Word says about adultery, because then it would be acceptable for me to cheat on my wife. Although, I'm not sure that my wife would see it the same way. Of course, that's the issue with what is called "moral relativism". This isn't about homophobia, or hating homosexuals, it is about what God's Word says. You may accept what God's Word says, or you may reject it. You may not redefine it. Unfortunately, we know from how the Left in America changes and distorts the meaning of the U.S. Constitution that words only mean to them that which makes them feel good; not the thoughts and ideas which those words were written down to preserve.

Simply calling one's self a Christian does not make it so. A person cannot be a "good" Christian if they do not acknowledge their sin, repent of (turn away from) that sin, believe in Jesus, who rescues man from sin, and seek to live their lives in a God-pleasing way, avoiding sin, with the help of God's Holy Spirit. The Christian also acknowledges that, even after faith in Jesus is kindled inside them, they will fail to live up to the mark and sin. Often. A Christian failing to live up to Christian morality as defined by Holy Scripture is quite different, however, from someone who refuses to acknowledge what God calls sin, and claims to be a follower of Christ. That person attempts to redefine the Christian religion according to their own personal moral code. They may delude themselves into thinking they are Christians, but God's Word says what God's Word says, and all the politi-speak at the Left's disposal ultimately can't change that.

If we allow the Left to redefine what it means to be a Christian in terms of "multiculturalism" and "political correctness", anything goes in the church, and the church as we have come to know it will cease to be. More frightening, the message of the gospel will become obscured by this fog, and many who need to hear it will not. This is what has been happening over the last generation in most Christian denominations. There are a lot of things we may allow to pass by us for the sake of peace between friends, but this cannot be one of those things. The way we combat this is simple: Christian laypeople, when confronted with this multicultural, politically correct nonsense, must rebut it simply, lovingly, and firmly, regardless of with whom they are speaking.

No one is forced to eat at Chick-fil-A. If you don't want to spend your money there because of the Christian beliefs of the CEO, that is your business. No one has to become a Christian; that matter is between God and the individual. I, however, will not allow the Christian religion to be redefined according to left-wing political correctness so people can feel comfortable in their sin, and therefore ignore the issue with which God confronts them - and all of mankind - in his Word: The fact that we are sinners who are in need of a savior, a savior he has provided us in Christ Jesus. I urge all Christians not to let this flawed and dangerous thinking pass by them unanswered.